About Us

PokitDok is a team of passionate thinkers, dreamers, coders and revolutionaries who share one driving goal: to make healthcare better. We are working to change the way healthcare communicates by creating streamlined, clear connections via the technology we build. We strive to inspire positive change that connects disparate healthcare entities and ultimately, fosters a better health experience for everyone.

Our Story

Lisa Maki was inspired to found PokitDok after spending a frustrating six months navigating the road to treatment for a spinal injury she incurred while studying karate. Her experience came complete with poor communication and inefficient processes; Lisa knew there had to be better way.

With her rich background in technology, Lisa and her co-founder and CTO, Ted Tanner, founded PokitDok to remove the data silos in healthcare via the APIs and connected technology enjoyed by every other industry. With the PokitDok platform, PokitDok powers companies and health systems to deliver the customer-driven healthcare experience Lisa was looking for.

PokitDok believes that APIs and fluid data deliver the cost efficient and intelligent access models that a customer/consumer-driven healthcare market demands.

Our Leadership

Lisa Maki CEO, Co-founder

Ted Tanner CTO, Co-founder

Kent Elmer CFO

W. Bryan Smith Chief Scientist

Maria Goldsholl Chief People Officer

Patrick Hurley VP Marketing

Tim Dunlevy VP Engineering

Patrick Wheelock SVP Business Development

Graeme Hennessey VP Business Development

Chris Wilhite VP Front End Development

Steve Gonzalez VP Product

Karen Phillips VP Engineering Operations

Our Investors