Seamless Insurance Connectivity (X12)

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PokitDok connects with insurance carriers giving businesses access to a seamless exchange of insurance-related information including a person's deductible and amount satisfied, their coverage level and co-pay, benefit enrollment submission, or changes to a covered member's plan as well as claims status and submission. We now offer these transactions free of charge with no hidden fees.

X12 APIs

PokitDok X12 APIs allow businesses of any size access to health transactions in a secure and HIPAA compliant way

Traditionally, in order for a business to transmit essential X12 transactions such as eligibility and benefits, claims, and authorizations, they would have to manually integrate with health plans or buy expensive and complicated practice management software.

PokitDok has removed that layer, providing the ability to integrate with a realm of business solutions.

We provide the ability to submit encrypted transactions, monitor API activity, track the status of Trading Partners; all while having no downtime.

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How it Works

Integrate information about a person's existing coverage into a health benefits exchange for an automated, efficient enrollment process.

Health systems can check eligibility, benefit plan, and deductible status to instantly determine out-of-pocket costs and coverage.




No handwritten forms or fax machines means fewer errors, faster enrollment, and reduced costs

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