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Access member-specific data from over 700 payers in real-time. Pay as you go.

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  • Instant verification of patient eligibility
  • All major insurance carriers
  • Detailed info including deductible status and cop-pays
  • Easy search on past records of eligiiblity requests
  • Secure access for multiple users with different privileges
  • Pay as you go, no cost to set up

Connect to over 700 payers in real-time

PokitDok’s Eligibility app connects you to over 700 health insurance payers — representing over 93% of covered U.S. lives  — so that you can integrate real-time, member-specific health insurance data at scale through one simple online interface. No need to slog through payer websites or call individual insurance providers to verify eligibility.

Access insurance coverage information for each patient

Our Eligibility app instantly verifies patient coverage and provides you with detailed member information such as co-insurance, copay, maximums and deductible amounts.

Intuitive user management

Whether you prefer a monthly subscription or to pay-as-you-go, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we do not require a minimum monthly spending limit. We make it easy for you to add or delete users who can access the app, and allow individual users to manage their own profiles and passwords separately.

No monthly spending minimum requirement. Pay as you go.

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