DokChain Use Case

Event-Driven Supply Chain Management

Today’s fragmented care delivery systems frequently leave consumers shuffling from one office to another, often left to courier their own diagnostic test results along with them or drive to a far flung pharmacy only to find that what they need is out of stock. We believe that DokChain can radically change this scenario.

Rather than saddle consumers with annoying tasks, we should strive for a goal where everything a consumer needs after a doctor’s office or hospital visit is delivered to their door by the time they arrive home. Making this scenario a reality will improve consumer satisfaction and adherence to prescribed treatments. By leveraging the horizontal nature of DokChain’s distributed network, a consumer’s preferred retail vendor can be granted access to their personal health record to know when they have been seen by a provider, those details of the encounter that the consumer wishes to share, and what drugs or durable medical equipment that they need to continue treatment at home.

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