PokitDok Identity Management

The PokitDok Identity Management System (IdM) is an API which allows for querying an EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) and/or MPI (Master Patient Index), typically a component of an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or EHR (Electronic Health Record) system, in order to find a patient identifier and details in the target system. The PokitDok IdM will match and store each of the associated patient identities in multiple target EMPIs.

Case Study


Our client provides consumer telehealth allowing patients access to real doctors through video conferencing in a convenient location. Designed to diagnose non-emergency conditions, the telemedicine solution offers patients timely access to providers, doctors, specialists and prescriptions. In addition to connecting patients with providers, this solution also connects with the patient’s health insurance, health systems and health records to provide a robust healthcare experience on par with what a patient might receive in a doctor’s office or urgent care clinic.


Doctors and healthcare providers need to identify and connect patients with any of their previous visits they have had with the telehealth solution or within the provider’s health system. Currently, each patient can have multiple EHRs (Electronic Health Record) or EMRs (Electronic Medical Record). He or she can have an EHR for each EMR/EHR system and possibly multiple EHRs within an EMR/EHR system. Without any method of aggregating ALL of a patient’s EHRs, a provider has no way of seeing a patient’s complete medical history. In order to give patients the best care possible, a provider should have a patient’s complete medical history.

Data Quality Problem
Across Disparate Systems

Are they the same person?
Are they related to other partners?
Which address is correct?


Through PokitDok's Identity Management (IdM) API, our client is able to query an EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) and/or MPI (Master Patient Index), both typically components of an EMR or EHR system, to find a patient identifier and details in the target EMR/EHR system. This helps providers identify the patient through past visits or other records within other EMR/EHR systems.


EMRs and EHRs are complicated systems that often don't work with each other. Patients have multiple files throughout our healthcare system, but there hasn't been a way to connect them. By utilizing PokitDok's Identity Management API, our client was able to provide a single point of data management across multiple platforms.

Ultimately, PokitDok is driving data interconnectivity across disparate healthcare systems which have never before been connected, essentially creating an information exchange. We are providing the groundwork for patients and providers with an end to end, big picture view of their health history in order to drive better health outcomes in the future.

PokitDok delivered a production platform that enabled real-time eligibility and claims capabilities while creating true interoperability across multiple platforms, APIs, and applications.

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