Branded Healthcare Services Marketplace

The PokitDok Healthcare Services Marketplace integrates all of our technology to create a seamless healthcare transaction experience which reflects your own branding and can be restricted to your own member and provider network data if you choose. Our solution increases engagement and decreases member out of pocket costs by allowing your customers to search for providers, shop for services, schedule appointments, and pay for services online for a true end-to-end e-commerce experience.

Professional Services

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E-commerce for Healthcare

The heart of our marketplace, our technology allows end users to search, book, and pay for healthcare services


Our provider search allows searches to be performed based on various criteria including location, provider name, specialty, condition, and procedure. With our solution, you can enable a true shopping experience by listing self-pay and insurance procedure prices for comparison. Same-day, self-pay discounts encourage self-pay and high deductible plan holders alike to pay in full up-front saving providers paperwork, billing resources, and lost revenue to collections.


Through our enterprise scheduler, we enable group practices, telehealth providers, and hospital networks to centralize scheduling and build solutions that make open appointment times available on intranets, websites, and mobile apps. Aggregate all of your open appointment slots into one simple interface where patients and customers can book an appointment.


Provide an end-to-end e-commerce experience by allowing for payment of services and past claims due during the booking of an appointment.

Eligibility and claims

An eligibility check will determine if an individual is actively covered by an insurance plan. Armed with this information, a claim can be submitted to ensure any payments have been credited to the member's deductible.

Patient activity dashboard

Our Marketplace solution includes a powerful patient activity dashboard which will manage all aspects including provider network and onboarding, data gathering, and user analytics. It provides insights into your patient population, such as what procedures or specialties patients are shopping for, costs, usage, volume, and search term. Through these analytics you can make data driven decisions to improve your business, services, and patient experience.

Connect patient records across systems using Identity Management Solution

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