Product Sheets


Use PokitDok’s Health Insurance Eligibility solution to integrate and automate benefits verification right in your workflow. No minimum monthly spending limit required.

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PokitDok’s Pharmacy Solutions suite enables real-time access to pharmacy benefits verification for Medicare and commercial plans, and displays current deductible and copay information.

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Patient Access

With PokitDok’s Patient Access solutions, healthcare organizations can offer modern commerce experiences that allow consumers to search, schedule, and pay for services online.

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Claims Management

PokitDok's Healthcare Claims Management suite allows you to quickly and easily automate your claims process so that you can increase clean claim rates, minimize revenue leakage, and drive down unproductive manual procedures.

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Platform Overview

Our suite of healthcare APIs allows anyone - from enterprises to HealthTech startups - to quickly bring existing systems into the modern age. Chose individual APIs to fit your needs or create your own customized bundle.

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From startups to the enterprise, PokitDok scales with ease.

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