It's a brave new world for healthcare. Will your practice keep up? PokitDok facilitates healthcare purchases by connecting consumers directly with practitioners in a transparent, e-commerce marketplace. Our platform helps reduce overhead and paperwork, while generating inbound interest from patients and customers for your practice.

Learn how to take charge of your practice and connect to new patients in this quick 2-minute video:


Build your profile

Create a consumer-facing storefront for your practice in a few simple steps. Describe your specialties, upload your logo, link to your website and social media accounts, and add prices for procedures.

Respond to quote requests

New customers come to your practice via PokitDok with requests for services and a proposed budget. You can interact with them to determine how to best meet their needs.

Add services and prices

Create a storefront for potential customers by offering a menu of your frequently used services, listing the price for each and start differentiating your practice from the competition.

Eligibility checks

Customers in the PokitDok marketplace can enter their insurance information, allowing us to easily check their eligibility for you, and matching you as a provider to patients in your network.

I thought selling medical services online would be a hassle and wouldn't work, but the setup took only minutes, and I've been getting new customers ever since, without the hassle of the claims and eligibility paperwork. Finally I can focus on what I do best, which is caring for my patients.




"Healthcare is about the person sitting across from me. It's not about a system. It's about the patients. If I can offer transparent quality medical care at half the price with at least double the value, I have done my job."

Hi, I'm Jerome Aya-Ay. I've been a practicing family physician for 9 years. My father traveled from the Philippines to Brooklyn, NY to train as a physician. In order to gain citizenship as a foreign medical graduate, he went to serve in an area of need, a small town called Grantsville, WV in Calhoun County (Population about 1000 and 10,000 respectively). Although he was a trained internist with fellowship training in cardiology, he had become an old school family doctor. His patients were his family and he was their family doc.

Over time, as medicine changed into the system it is today, my father often complained about how the paperwork involved in billing was taking time away from his patients. Often times I would discuss my plans of creating a direct primary care practice with him. I would just cut out the insurance company middle-man and thus the associated paperwork. I would be part of a community rather than a system. Whenever I explained this vision, he would smile.

Healthcare continues to change. Insurance deductibles are going up. Premiums are going up. Anxiety and confusion over paying for healthcare services continues to grow. That's led me to Direct Primary Care — giving a set monthly price for a set of services without requiring insurance. That's led me to accept cash payments. That's led me to PokitDok.

I see PokitDok as a marketplace for consumers to buy healthcare using the method that's best for them. Maybe it's cash. Maybe it's a credit card. Maybe it's insurance. PokitDok not only enables me to accept them all but it also supports those innovative business models, like Direct Primary Care, by allowing me to take and process subscription payments. Being in the marketplace also makes me visible to people who are looking for healthcare services and, more importantly, are ready to buy. Most of all, PokitDok saves me time. When I take cash payments (or payments through PokitDok), that's less paperwork for my office staff or me. That's more time I get to spend with patients.


"I've found that PokitDok allows patients to easily search for doctors in their area and empowers them with pricing transparency so they can make smart choices about the services they are seeking."

Today's patients are incredibly savvy and pro-active. They know there are lots of doctors out there that can provide excellent service at an affordable price. As a plastic surgeon, I know my patients want to come to my office strengthened with the knowledge of what I can do for them and a sense of what it's going to cost. No patient wants to leave the doctor's office wondering how big the bill will be when it arrives in the mail weeks later.

I've found that PokitDok allows patients to easily search for doctors in their area and empowers them with pricing transparency so they can make smart choices about the services they are seeking. With pricing listed up front, there's no surprise bill or sticker shock, making for happier patients and better outcomes.

PokitDok listings also let physicians see what other physicians in their area are charging, allowing for greater continuity in medical pricing and efficiency in competition. I can see what colleagues are charging for services and then determine if my fees are out of line. The easy interface allows physicians to manage their profile and to keep it up-to-the minute fresh. It's a win-win for patients and also for my practice - they have a better consumer experience with access to costs, and it's easier for them to find me!