How to register a NPI

Last Updated November 12th, 2018

Step 1. Login to your PokitDok dashboard, and navigate to the Providers section on the left side navigation menu.

Step 2. Select Add Provider in the top right corner.

Step 3. Fill out the provider details and select SUBMIT. Repeat these steps for all of the providers you need to register.

*Please note that for Claims and ERA enrollment the Provider “Role” field *must* be populated with a value of _Billing_ in order to submit claims on behalf of that provider.


Step 4. After adding all providers, navigate to the Payers section on the left side navigation menu.
Step 5. Select Register New Payer in the top right corner.
Step 6. Select a payer from the drop down. Please note that only trading partners requiring registration will appear in the dropdown.

Step 7. Select Register Providers with this Payer, choose the connection and NPI you need to register, and click Register to save.

To review the status of all submitting NPIs:

Select Payers on the left side navigation menu to access the Payer Registrations page.
Using the vertical ellipsis option on the right side of the screen, select View Detail to review pending registrations. This is where you can see if additional action is needed from you in order to process registrations, and also monitor the status of your registrations.



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