What are claim drafts?

Last Updated February 13th, 2018

The Claims Drafts endpoint allows users to create and upload claims that are not ready for submission, or are intended to be submitted at a later date. It is only available to Claims Management App users.

Users have the ability to save drafts when created within the app, which will save the claim as is, without validation. The draft will then appear on the app’s Drafts page and can be edited, completed, and submitted later. The draft will not pass through our 837 validation when it is uploaded to our system. This allows for incomplete drafts to be saved and completed at later date. Once the draft is ready to be submitted as a claim, it will be run through our validation just like all other claims. This functionality can also be used as a way to save claims templates in the UI.

If drafts are uploaded to the app, they are not passed through our 837 validation, and can be submitted as claims in an incomplete state.

See our documentation for additional detail about the Claims Drafts API.

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