Where can I find a listing of health care service type codes for use in an eligibility request?

Last Updated March 3rd, 2017

Health Care Service Type Codes supported by the PokitDok API can be retrieved by using GET /eligibility/constants and are also available in our documentation. Below is an example request and (shortened) response using the python client.

{'data': {'service_codes': {'abortion': '84',
'acupuncture': '64',
'adjunctive_dental_services': '28',
'aids': '85',
'air_transportation': '57',
'alcoholism': 'AJ',
'allergy': 'GY',
'allergy_testing': '79',
'allied_behavioral_analysis_therapy': 'E0',
'alternate_method_dialysis': '15',
'ambulatory_service_facility': '13',
'anesthesia': '7',
'anesthesiologist': '97',
'urgent_care': 'UC',
'used_medical_equipment': '11',
'vision_coverage': 'F6',
'vision_optometry': 'AL',
'well_baby_care': '68'}},
'meta': {'application_mode': 'production',
'processing_time': 11,
'rate_limit_amount': 2,
'rate_limit_cap': 5000,
'rate_limit_reset': 1473183883}}

A publicly available list of service type codes can be found here.

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