Why am I receiving a status code of “Entity not approved as an electronic submitter” when I submit claims status requests to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan?

Last Updated September 4th, 2018

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan (blue_cross_blue_shield_mi) requires that providers fill out two forms before they are able to submit claims status (276/277) transactions in production. Until the necessary paperwork is submitted and approved, submitters will see a status_code of “Entity not approved as an electronic submitter”.

The following are the necessary enrollment steps to be followed before submitting transactions:

Step 1. Request a TPA User ID and Password so the provider can access the Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Trading Partner Agreements. (If you have already completed these steps with claims enrollment, skip to Step 5 for the rest of the ERA enrollment requirements) https://www.bcbsm.com/content/public/en/providers/help/faqs/electronic-connectivity-edi/request-a-tpa-user-id-and-password.html

To request a TPA user ID and password, please email us.

Be sure to include your:

• Business/office name

• Contact name

• Telephone number

• Email address

• Mailing address


• Submitter ID: C0DOQ

Step 2. A logon ID and password will be assigned to access TPA/Provider Authorization on Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan’s website. Notification will be made via fax or email with instructions. Process should take no more than 24 – 48 hours.

Step 3. Once access is assigned, login and complete the TPA. https://editest.bcbsm.com/online_core/customer/TPAlogon.html

Instructions for completing the TPA Form. https://www.bcbsm.com/content/dam/public/secured/application/tpaInstructions.pdf

Step 4. Complete the Provider Authorization online form to register your NPI, using Submitter ID: C0DOQ

Instructions to complete the Provider Authorization form. https://www.bcbsm.com/content/dam/public/secured/application/tpaInstructions.pdf

Step 5. Verify with Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan that enrollment has processed by calling 1-800-542-0945, option 1.

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