PokitDok Platform Overview

Watch this overview of the PokitDok platform and it’s suite of mix and match APIs that enable you to accelerate development of new healthcare applications and services.

Video Transcript

Healthcare is experiencing a lot of upheaval these days, and nobody is immune.


Providers. Payers. Brokers. Employers. Pharmacies. They’re all struggling to figure out how to simultaneously [please leave a beat between each of the following three phrases because it needs to synch with animation] reduce costs, improve the patient experience, and produce better health outcomes.


The status quo will no longer work. Which is why there’s a newfound willingness within healthcare to test innovative business models in hopes of rooting out inefficiencies, increasing transparency, and driving down costs.


But here’s the problem. Healthcare organizations can’t build the applications and services to power these new business models because the legacy infrastructure they run on was never designed with interoperability in mind. And because these legacy systems can’t easily exchange information, data gets trapped in silos and becomes largely useless.


But what if the data was freed from its silos? And what if you didn’t have to rip and replace existing systems or workflows to do so? That’s where PokitDok comes in.


Our platform-as-a-service enables you to integrate member-specific insurance information into applications and services in real-time. We provide you with a single source to connect to over 93% of covered lives in the U.S. Which means you can scale quickly by plugging into our suite of mix and match APIs. Leaving you to focus on what you do best, instead of trying to build out thousands of trading partner connections yourself.


If you want to create applications and services that do any of the following, you can do it faster and easier with PokitDok:


Want to confirm a patient’s identity? Our Identity Management solution identifies, maps, and matches disparate data so that healthcare applications have access to more accurate information concerning patient identity.


Looking to integrate benefits verification directly into your workflow? PokitDok’s Benefits Management solutions enable your application or service to instantly verify patient coverage and access co-insurance, copay, deductible, and other plan details.


Or maybe you want to know earlier in the revenue cycle how much a patient or provider is likely to pay for a procedure. Our Payment Risk solution enables you to calculate the financial risk of individual healthcare transactions.


Want to offer modern commerce experiences that allow consumers to search, schedule, and pay for healthcare services online? PokitDok’s Patient Access solutions provide you with the white-label front-ends, real-time medical benefits verification, EHR scheduling integrations, and PCI-compliant payments to make it happen.


Or maybe you’re looking for an easy way to automate medical claims processing. Our Healthcare Claims Management solution enables you to verify patient coverage at the time of service, catch mistakes before submitting claims, then electronically submit claims and track their payment status.


Hundreds of healthcare organizations depend on PokitDok to help them accelerate application development and integration. If you’d like to learn more, just contact us at pokitdok.com/contact/.