Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits

Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits Video

Watch an animated short on how you can use PokitDok to access pharmacy benefits verification, price transparency, and copay information across health insurance plans.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Mallory from PokitDok. We know that healthcare is pretty confusing, so we decided to create a video series to help simplify it. Our first topic is Pharmacy Benefits. We will show you the lifespan of a prescription. How it flows from the doctor to the pharmacy, to getting processed by the insurance company.


Pharmacy Benefits are a mystery to most of the players in the healthcare industry. When a doctor writes a prescription, they usually don’t know if the drug is covered, or how much it’ll cost a patient. The only time anyone knows this information is when the pharmacy actually submits the claim.


So when the patient goes to pick up their medication, they can be hit with some unpleasant surprises. They can find out that the medication either isn’t covered, is more expensive than they expected, or requires a prior authorization. Any of these reasons can result in the patient not picking up their medication.


PokitDok has set out to solve this issue by creating pharmacy coverage APIs. This helps bring transparency into the process. It gives everyone involved better insight into the drug coverage. Let me give you an example.


By integrating the API’s into their workflow, a doctor can know which drug is covered before they write the prescription. The doctor can inform the patient of their copay and address any cost issues. The doctor can also find out if the drug has a prior authorization requirement. This allows your staff to start processing the paperwork, reducing the time it takes for the patient to get their medication.


If you’re interested in learning more about how our pharmacy coverage API’s can help you improve medication adherence and increase patient satisfaction, contact us at