Who We Help

Digital Health

We help Digital Health companies to quickly and easily integrate real-time transactional data into their applications and services.

Digital Health companies need to be able to innovate and bring new functionality to market swiftly, without getting bogged down in activities beyond their core focus. PokitDok allows Digital Health companies to achieve immediate scale with a single source for real-time healthcare business data. PokitDok’s solutions can be easily integrated into your apps and services so that you can accelerate your speed to market.

Problems We Solve

Unnecessary complexity and cost to create a clearinghouse network

Ensuring broad access to their apps and services is crucial to the success of Digital Health companies. This used to require a large amount of time and money spent cobbling together a healthcare clearinghouse network that could adequately provide coverage. With our Benefits Management suite, however, PokitDok can provide instant scale, and real-time access to insurance benefits data for 93% of U.S. insured lives. 

Lack of real-time health benefits verification

Digital Health companies often want to provide their end customers with an easy way to provide modern commerce experiences, which often begins with verifying insurance benefits before customers access care. PokitDok enables Digital Health companies and their customers to validate that a patient is eligible for health insurance benefits or pharmacy benefits, determine specifics like deductible, coverage limits and copays, and to be alerted to any limitations or restrictions.

Scarcity of ready-made healthcare API platforms

Application programming interfaces are commonly accepted to be a fast, lightweight means of connecting and exchanging data. But there are very few APIs that have been tested at scale which address the business side of healthcare. Among those that exist, almost all of them are point solutions. Only PokitDok provides developers with a complete API platform of market tested solutions.

From startups to the enterprise, PokitDok scales with ease.