Who We Help

Health IT & Services Companies

We help Health IT companies like EMRs, BPOs, and systems integrators modernize their offerings with true interoperability and real-time transactional capabilities.

Legacy infrastructure is burdening healthcare organizations with mounting costs resulting from inefficient processes, a lack of interoperability, and inadequate analytics. All of which places an undue burden on Health IT vendors who are increasingly expected to fix it all. By integrating PokitDok’s solutions into their offerings, Health IT and Service providers can supercharge the capabilities of legacy infrastructure to address healthcare’s most pressing challenges.

Problems We Solve

Costly, unproductive manual processes

Both payers and providers are plagued with a ceaseless stream of faxes, phone calls, and emails that drive up costs and bog down the business side of healthcare. Health IT companies can easily integrate PokitDok’s real-time transactional data into their offerings to help streamline payer and provider workflows. See how you can remove inefficient manual processes with our Benefits Management and Claims Management solutions. 

Lack of interoperability

Healthcare has a technology point solution for just about everything. Identity matching, provider search, appointment scheduling, revenue cycle management, and payment processing among them. Unfortunately, these point solutions are disconnected, so they can’t power the modern, integrated experiences that consumers expect. Learn how PokitDok’s patient access solution can provide everything necessary to quickly build and deploy modern commerce experiences.

Fragmented payer networks

Modern healthcare applications and services need to integrate health insurance data from the largest possible number of covered lives. But creating and maintaining electronic data interchange relationships with thousands of insurance plans is very expensive and impractical. Fortunately, with PokitDok’s real-time health insurance eligibility verification solution,  you can plug into a single source to access over 93% of U.S. covered lives. 

Soaring health insurance costs

Brokers and benefit administrators want to help employers and their employees to better control costs, especially spiraling pharmaceutical costs. Health IT companies can help them by integrating real-time pharmacy benefit information into their services to enable more informed decision making

Poor medication adherence rates

Patients need to take their medication to achieve a positive health outcome, but many fail to fill their prescriptions when they find out the price. Health IT companies can help build in price transparency at the point of care by integrating PokitDok into their customers’ applications and services. 

From startups to the enterprise, PokitDok scales with ease.