Who We Help

Healthcare Providers

We help Healthcare Organizations, like health systems, hospitals, and provider groups to quickly deploy new business models, optimize revenue cycles, and significantly reduce costs.

Health systems and providers are saddled with legacy infrastructure that impedes interoperability, increases costs, and bogs down development of new patient experiences. PokitDok enables health systems and providers to sidestep these shortcomings and quickly bring new, innovative business models to market. Below are some tangible examples of problems that we address.

Problems We Solve

Disconnected patient records

Improving care coordination and the patient experience starts with positively identifying who the patient is. To do that requires the ability to unify patient records across multiple health systems and disconnected EHRs.

Too many rejected claims

The smallest mistake can derail a claim from being reimbursed the first time it is submitted, and set off a chain of unproductive administrative follow up. Fortunately, PokitDok’s claims validation technology catches errors before a claim is submitted, which means more of your claims get processed cleanly, without the hassles of re-submitting.  

Outdated patient experiences

Patients increasingly expect the same level of convenience and control with their healthcare decisions that they experience in other parts of their life. PokitDok’s Patient Access solutions enable healthcare organizations to provide their patients with the ability to seamlessly search for a provider, schedule an appointment, and pay for a procedure online. 

Low appointment utilization rates

We enable healthcare providers to fill more open appointment slots by allowing patients to easily search for and schedule appointments online

Primary nonadherence to prescribed medications

Patients are usually unaware of the cost of a prescription until they fill it. If the cost is too high, some patients will do without and gamble with the consequences. Fortunately, PokitDok is the first solution to reveal formulary and pharmacy benefits information before filing a prescription, so patients know the costs at the time of care and can discuss their options. 

From startups to the enterprise, PokitDok scales with ease.