Who We Help

Life Sciences

PokitDok enables Life Sciences companies to go to market faster and easier with innovative solutions for consumers, providers, pharmacists, brokers or benefits administrators.

When patients fill their prescriptions and adhere to their medicine, everybody wins. Providers and patients achieve better outcomes, and pharmacies generate more revenue. Better insight into formulary benefits and price transparency at the point of care can go a long way to improving adherence and patient satisfaction.

Problems We Solve

Poor medication adherence; no price transparency

Patients are usually unaware of the cost of a prescription until they fill it. If the cost is too high, some patients will do without and gamble with the consequences. Fortunately, PokitDok is the first solution to reveal formulary and benefit information before filing a prescription, so patients know the costs at the time of care and can discuss their options. Learn more about real-time pharmacy benefits verification.

No real-time access to pharmacy benefits

Questions that should be easy to answer regarding a patient’s pharmacy benefits  rarely are. Is a drug covered? What is a patient’s copay? Does a drug require a prior authorization? PokitDok’s Pharmacy solutions suite enables real-time access to pharmacy benefits verification for Medicare and commercial plans, and displays current deductible and copay information.

No easy way to integrate pharmacy benefits data into an app or service

Integrating pharmacy benefits information into an application or service would require creating and maintaining separate electronic data interchange (EDI) connections with hundreds of payers. Or you can simply plug into PokitDok and instantly connect with our network of 690 insurance carriers and pharmacy benefit managers. We do all the heavy lifting. Click to view our trading partner connections.

From startups to the enterprise, PokitDok scales with ease.