Who We Help

Payers, Brokers, Ben Admins

We help Payers, Healthcare Brokers and Benefits Administrators to significantly reduce administrative inefficiencies, minimize revenue leakage, add transparency and provide more differentiated offerings.

Payers, Healthcare Brokers and Benefits Administrators are facing huge challenges. Declining margins. Spiraling healthcare costs that necessitate continually raising premiums. The shift to new business models. A profound lack of transparency. Fortunately, PokitDok’s modular platform of healthcare APIs makes it faster and easier to create applications and services that deal with these challenges.

Problems We Solve

Costly, inefficient prior authorization process

The prior authorization and referral process is costly, complex, and heavily dependent on inefficient manual practices that only detract from patient satisfaction. PokitDok is developing blockchain-based workflows that can reduce costs by 50% or more. For more details, read our blockchain whitepaper.

Lack of transparency tools and differentiated offerings

Brokers and benefits administrators want to help employers to more effectively control healthcare costs, but have not had effective tools to do so. By integrating PokitDok into their applications and services, however, they can equip employers with transparency tools that enable employees to make more informed decisions. Learn more about real-time pharmacy benefits.

Ineffective efforts to keep patients in-network

Payers want to steer members to visit providers that are in-network but often fall short of that goal. By using PokitDok, payers can easily create portals with provider search capabilities that direct members to in-network physicians, and which display the cost difference of doing so. Learn more about integrated patient access experiences. 

Plan Design

For Brokers, creating a benefit plan design that meets a customer’s needs while still managing rising healthcare costs has become an increasingly difficult balancing act. Fortunately, PokitDok’s Benefit Management solutions give you comprehensive access to critical clearinghouse data to help make more informed decisions. Look up current benefit information and understand employee claims histories to improve actuarial analysis.

From startups to the enterprise, PokitDok scales with ease.