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APIs That Power Every Healthcare Transaction

x12 clearinghouse

Clearinghouse (X12)

Connect directly with 500+ insurance carriers for streamlined access to real-time eligibility, claims data, and referrals.

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Patient Access

Engage patients and consumers in a single, unified application, offering user-friendly search, real-time eligibility checks, simple scheduling and even payment prior to visit.

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patient access


Bring real-time, cross-EMR scheduling to the business of health.

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Identity Management

Connect and clean patient records across multiple health systems for improved medical care coordination and management.

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Payment Optimization

Designed to aid qualification tools used by lending institutions, payment solutions, health systems, and medical practitioners, to make new financing options available to patients for non-acute medical services.

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"Employers and patients want the ability to use Doctor On Demand's service through their insurance plan. PokitDok's suite of APIs allows us to do that by checking the patient's eligibility and then submitting a claim for their visit directly to the insurance provider."

Adam Jackson
Co-founder, Doctor On Demand