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$1,600 for Throat - Frenulectomy in Oklahoma City, OK  |  $185 for Skin Tag Removal in Westmont, NJ  |  $135 for Office Visit in Federal Way, WA  |  $150 for Office Visit in Wilmington, DE  |  $25 for Flu Shot in Doylestown, PA  |  $300 for Office Visit in Philadelphia, PA  |  $120 for Office Visit in Rock Hill, SC  |  $25 for Office Visit in Tacoma, WA  |  $15 for Flu Shot in Woodruff, SC  |  $125 for Office Visit in Charlotte, NC  |  $90 for Office Visit in Greenville, SC  |  $25 for Flu Shot in Dublin, OH  |  $80 for Office Visit in Columbia, SC  |  $125 for Office Visit in Salem, OR  |  $136.55 for Mammogram in Shelby, NC  |  $653 for Office Visit in Portland, OR  |  $50 for Flu Shot in Portland, OR  |  $226 for Office Visit in Indianapolis, IN  |  $176 for Ligament Injection in Seattle, WA  |  $171 for Endoscopy in Concord, NC  | 

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