The Future of Healthcare on Blockchain

Healthcare is plagued with waste and inefficiencies that are directly attributable to intermediaries such as clearinghouses and outdated technology vendors. This situation is ripe for blockchain-based disruption. PokitDok is leading the charge with DokChain, our technology for healthcare on blockchain.

DokChain is a distributed network of transaction processors operating on both financial and clinical data across the healthcare industry. Our goal is to leverage blockchain technology across a broad range of industry participants to pave the way for a new healthcare economy in which data and services are quantifiable and exchangeable. And, where the security and privacy of sensitive information is reinforced by strong guarantees, and where transaction history can be audited longitudinally.

DokChain Benefits


Encrypts, distributes, and controls data so there is no single point of failure.


Replaces many manual, paper-intensive functions with automated processes.


Keeps permanent record of key elements of healthcare transactions without storing personally identifiable information.


Solves the current disconnect between patients' desired access and control over their healthcare information and the healthcare system's ability to provide such connectivity.

Core Use Cases

Identity by Consensus

Contextually relevant, multi-party identity verification and authentication

Autonomous Auto-Adjudication

Dynamic agent-based methods replace static, rules-based systems

Event-Driven Supply Chain Management

Ensured delivery of contextually relevant durable goods and pharmaceuticals, direct to consumer or via locker system

Prior Authorization & Referral

Smart contract-based automation of process workflows

In the healthcare sector, protecting patient data and reducing blatant inefficiency are paramount, which is why we chose to use blockchain technologies. Blockchain is fundamental to the next computing cycle and will introduce new dimensions of compute power, speed, and security.

Ted Tanner Jr., Co-Founder and CTO of PokitDok

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DokChain Health Alliance

The DokChain Health Alliance is an exclusive opportunity for member participants to run on DokChain, powered by PokitDok. Members, including hospital systems, payers, financial institutions, and technology companies are granted authority, with exclusive first access, to contribute to implementation standards and will help prioritize healthcare use cases.

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